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An unexpectedly useful piece of kit which will fit anywhere in your home and can be used for both sleeping and playing from day one. It will be in use for several years; helps to avoid toy-creep and is great for developing good habits around daytime and nighttime sleeps. Particularly recommended for families with busy households, dogs or older siblings. Watch Anita's video for more information and go through the quick question guide to help decide if a playpen is the right product for you, and which type.

Top Tips

Choose a playpen with different levels to protect your back and keep baby safe

Go for a sturdy design with a base, so that your toddler doesn't learn to 'walk' it around the house

Don't worry if it doesn't fold away - it's a great toy storage area!

Place it in the room you use the most, e.g. kitchen or living room - look for a customisable design that matches your decor as it will be there for a while!

Buy it - and use it - from day one

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