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Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Funnel & Cover Set

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This product is no longer available for purchase on Anita's List. You can of course keep it in your lists and mark it as purchased if you found and purchased it elsewhere so you can still keep track

Bottle preparation just become a lot more easier, with the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Funnel & Cover Set. The pressure of time can often become a problem for many parents, especially while preparing feed bottles. This Funnel & Funnel Cover set make it easy to stay on top of the cleaning! After every 4th bottle it is recommend to clean the funnel. Having an additional funnel will ensure that you save time by always having a spare clean funnel to use. Ideal solution to save time and efficiently clean your machine. A must have for all Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced’s!


– 1 x Funnel
– 1 x Funnel Cover