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Months 25-27: The Helper Play Kit [AWIN] [Lovevery]

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The Helper Play Kit was specifically designed for the three months after your child turns two — months 25, 26, and 27. Your two-year-old is exploring the push and pull between baby and big kid as they begin to pursue independence and build important neural connections in their brain. The Playthings in this Play Kit will help encourage your two-year-old’s early executive functioning — the skills needed for planning, multitasking, prioritizing, and problem solving. Each of the 7 Playthings (along with the Play Guide) will help develop motor skills, communication, language, literacy, social and emotional skills, math and problem-solving skills, and encourage the beginnings of their identity. All products are one-of-a-kind and exclusive to Lovevery — you won’t find them anywhere else. The Super Sustainable Sink promotes safe water play with a child-size play sink made from renewable resources. The sink includes a child-safe motor so your child can play for hours and never run out of water. Two-year-olds are fascinated by water and often want to role play common household activities that they see their families doing on a daily basis. Water play is the ultimate sensory activity and will teach your child about texture, temperature, and movement. The cups and plates that come with the sink are made from bio-based plastic that’s healthy for your child and home. The Felt Flowers in a Row offers sensory tools to encourage fine motor precision. Made from handcrafted wool from Nepal, the flowers offer the perfect opportunity to practice fitting one flower into the hole of the base, count, separate, and practice “one” vs. “many” concepts. The flowers also make for a beautiful bouquet to encourage fun pretend play. The wood base is made of FSC-certified sustainable wood. The ‘Making Muffins’ Board Book is a wonderful children’s book that encourages counting. Math comes to life when you connect it to the real world, and your child will benefit from counting that’s connected to context. The rhyming story also provides cognitive benefits, from improving memory, to language development and literacy. This perfect bedtime story board book is made from recycled paper and printed with soy-based ink. The story is a Lovevery original—you won’t find it anywhere else. The Anywhere Art Kit with Washable Tempera Paint Sticks provides a child’s art set that makes it easy for your child to paint, mark, match and create—wherever they are. The painsticks are satisfying to your child because they easily make a mark. Your child will develop fine motor skills by clicking the caps, sliding the markers into their pockets, and zipping and unzipping the case. You can challenge your child to begin matching colors of paintsticks to tops and encourage directed doodles as they discover their inner artist. The paint sticks are also completely washable so they’ll leave your home, clothing, and skin clean. The Drop and Match Dot Catcher with Wooden Dots and Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag is an interactive children’s puzzle and activity that will challenge your child’s fine motor skills while strengthening hand-eye coordination. Your child will work on identifying color, choosing the matching coin, making color-based patterns, and focusing — early exercises in executive function. The Wooden Dots are made with FSC-certified sustainable wood and the Drawstring Bag is made with 100% organic cotton. The Double-Sided Sunny Day Puzzle will challenge your two-year-old to use the same pieces to solve different puzzles. This children’s puzzle will help your child recognize shapes oriented in different directions, which is an early step toward spatial skill development. Building puzzles gives kids a discrete task to accomplish, lots of problem-solving and troubleshooting opportunities, and practice building resilience The puzzle is made from FSC-certified sustainable wood and water-based paint. The Let’s Map It Out Routine Cards offer a card set that children can use to introduce and choose routines. Children like to know what’s going to happen, and routines can help. The cards include simple images that show what they’re expected to do every day. Two-year-olds can connect a visual to a routine, which will support anticipation and sequencing skills. Your child will also build early literacy skills as they begin to understand that symbols have meaning and order. The Play Guide for months 25, 26, and 27 is a user’s guide for families that provides expert tips, child development research, ways to play, and additional at-home activities to promote healthy brain development. Lovevery’s goal is to help parents feel confident they’re giving their children the best start. Lovevery’s award-winning play essentials are designed by child development experts and distilled to their purest purpose: to give your child's developing brain exactly what it needs at every stage. Lovevery products are inspired by Montessori