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Months 34-36: The Free Spirit Play Kit [AWIN] [Lovevery]

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The Free Spirit Play Kit was specifically designed for months 34, 35, and 36 in your two-year-old’s child’s development. The Playthings in this Play Kit Challenge your (almost) three-year-old to use higher-order thinking and logic to plan and problem solve. Your two-year-old is exploring the push and pull between baby and big kid as they begin to pursue independence and build important neural connections in their brain. This Kit calls for flexible problem solving: balancing and stacking irregular blocks; using logic and strategy to sort first by shape, then by color; and practicing one-to-one correspondence with crashing pegs. Each of the 7 Playthings (along with the Play Guide) will help develop motor skills, communication, language, literacy, social and emotional skills, math and problem-solving skills, and encourage the beginnings of their identity. All products are one-of-a-kind and exclusive to Lovevery — you won’t find them anywhere else. The Land and Sky Two-Part Puzzle Board is a children’s puzzle that will help your child fit shapes and contrasting colors together and learn about “part” and “whole” relationships. The shapes can be used outside the puzzle to create free-form images. The pieces of the puzzle—and colors—help teach art concepts like abstraction and interpretation. The Land and Sky Two-Part Puzzle Board is made with FSC-certified wood and water-based paint. The Wooden Counting Box is a counting toy to help make math visual for your child. Showing them the shape of each digit next to a tactile, visual representation helps your two-year-old create an association between the two and start to give meaning to the way we write numbers. The Wooden Counting Box exposes your child to numeracy and paves the way for stronger math skills in the future. The Wooden Counting Box is made with FSC-certified wood. The Van Go Outdoor Adventure Set is a children’s toy set, complete with a Wooden Camper with Locking Doors, wooden peg people, and organic cotton sleeping bags and tent. The Van Go Outdoor Adventure Set helps your child engage their imagination. The Van allows your child to explore movement, practice opening and closing doors, and create fun play scenarios with friends. Both doors can be opened and shut with a key, which has a large head for easy grasping, and will provide excellent fine motor practice and a useful real-life skill. The camper van and peg people are made with FSC-certified wood, and the sleeping bags and tent are made with 100% organic cotton. The Solid Wood Stacking Boulders are a wood block set in irregular shapes to help your child practice balancing and building. Building towers requires fine motor skills and gives your two-year-old the chance to practice eye-hand coordination and voluntary release skills. The irregularly shaped boulders add extra challenge and will help build your child’s patience as they align them on different surfaces. The Solid Wood Stacking Boulders are made from FSC-certified wood and water-based paint. The Reach for the Stars Matching Cards are a children’s card set designed to help your child sort, match, and identify shapes. The cards in the deck include shapes that may be familiar—like a circle or square—and others that may be new—like a pentagon. The cards come in many different colors, allowing for a wide variety of sorting, counting, and matching activities. The cards are printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink. The ‘Now That I’m Three’ Board Book is a children’s story book that helps your child reflect on how much they’ve grown since they were a baby—and look forward to all the exciting things in store as a three-year-old. Stopping to acknowledge everything they can do now—independently— will help give them more confidence. The story will help them proudly master household chores as they embark on a new era of independence, which benefits everyone in the family. The ‘Now That I’m Three’ Board Book is printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink. The story is a Lovevery original—you won’t find it anywhere else. The Play Guide for months 34, 35, and 26 is a user’s guide for families that provides expert tips, child development research, ways to play, and additional at-home activities to promote healthy brain development. Lovevery’s goal is to help parents feel confident they’re giving their children the best start. Lovevery’s award-winning play essentials are designed by child development experts and distilled to their purest purpose: to give your child's developing brain exactly what it needs at every stage. Lovevery products are inspired by Montessori learning, thoughtfully crafted, and tested by families just like yours. Lovevery Free Spirit Play Kit - Toys For 2 Year Olds (Months 34-36) - Montessori Toy Subscription For 2 Year Olds - The Play Kits By Lovevery