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Voksi Sky Light Footmuff - Poppy Blue - Seeds | Poppy Blue/Seeds [AWIN] [Natural Baby Shower Ltd]

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This product is no longer available for purchase on Anita's List. You can of course keep it in your lists and mark it as purchased if you found and purchased it elsewhere so you can still keep track
The Voksi Sky Light Footmuff in Poppy Blue Seeds is a soft and comfortable sleeping bag for the spring and summer seasons. A light and cool sleeping bag suitable for newborns to 4 years and can also be used as a car seat bag. The summer and spring bag has been designed with a number of details that allow it to be adjusted to the size and preferences of the child. The sleeping bag is made of soft and natural materials to provide the best comfort for the baby. Voksi Sky Light has a cotton/polyester shell and a recycled polyester filling. The lining is cotton jersey, which makes it comfortable and soft for the child. All the materials in Voksi Sky Light are OEKO-TEX Standard 100, class 1 certified, which is a quality label that indicates that none of the materials in the product contains harmful chemicals. An extension piece is included and can easily be fitted to the sleeping bag once the child has grown and needs more space. In addition, you can unfold the bag and use it as a play mat. Anti-slide material in the back means that the bag stays in place in the pram. The unique design of the backrest openings allows this bag to be easily fitted and used in prams and car seats with different harnesses. When used with a car seat, Voksi Sky Light provides the insulation that replaces slightly thicker outerwear. In this way, the harness in the car seat can sit closer to the baby’s body.