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Months 13-15: The Babbler Play Kit [AWIN] [Lovevery]

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This product is no longer available for purchase on Anita's List. You can of course keep it in your lists and mark it as purchased if you found and purchased it elsewhere so you can still keep track
The Babbler Play Kit by Lovevery comes with engaging montessori toys your toddler can learn with throughout months 13, 14, and 15 of their development. Lovevery’s Babbler Play Kit comes with a large selection of interactive montessori toys for your toddler. All Lovevery products are made with 100% organic cotton, baby-safe plastics, and sustainably forested wood. Two items in this play kit come gift-wrapped so you and your toddler can share in the surprise of finding out what’s inside. Since your toddler’s brain is a growing encyclopedia, we also included a Colorful Foods book to help develop your toddler’s neural pathways. This diverse montessori play kit comes with a Slide and Seek Ball Run to play on your toddler’s knowledge that objects exist even when out of site. Our Big and Little Mini Book is included with the Babbler Play Kit to help your toddler with concepts like big and small. Another item you will receive in your montessori play kit is the Messy and Clean Mini Book to help your toddler coordinate many of their senses. The Ball Set included with your Babbler Play Kit comes equipped with a purple felt ball, watercolor ball, and rainbow ball. These montessori balls help your toddler develop balance and motor control. The Nested Felt Baskets included in this montessori play kit will help your toddler work on spatial and size relationships. Another great montessori toy included with the Babbler Play Kit by Lovevery is Stella and Her Speedster. A great wooden car designed to give your toddler an early lesson in propulsion. You will also get our Where is Crew’s Shoe? Book equipped with interactive flaps for your toddler to lift. The list of quality montessori toys included with the Babbler Play Kit continues on with the Circles of Friends Puzzle, Wooden Coin Bank and Coins, and our Flexible Wooden Stacker. Lastly, Lovevery’s Babbler Play Kit comes with a comprehensive guide on how you and your toddler can use the montessori toys included along with some additional fun activities for toddlers between 13 - 15 months old. Lovevery Babbler Play Kit - Toys For 1 Year Old - Developmental Baby Toy Subscription Box - Ages 13-15 Months - The Play Kits By Lovevery