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Can I just buy a one off product without creating an account?

Yes, you can access our browse & buy section even without an account. Simply visit this page and start shopping, or search for your specified product in the search bar.

When logged in, be mindful that you first have to click to "Add to List" and then have the option to Buy Now rather than adding the product to your list.

Do I need to create an account to create a list?

Yes, in order to be able to create lists, create registries and use the customized questionnaires, you have to sign up to a free account. Without an account, you can still browse all product, watch Anita's videos and buy products immediately, but you won't be able to add them to a Wish List.

Do I have to pay when I sign up?

No, Anita's List is a free to use service. There will be no costs for you. In fact, we try to help save you money by buying right the first time and providing our price comparison feature. 

Registry and List, what's the difference and how are they connected?

You can think of the registry as the public version, or subset of your list. The lists you create are only visible to you in your account. If you want to create a registry to share with your friends and family, you can then select to create a registry out of this list. The registry will include details such as a registry message and delivery address, so your friends and family know where to send their gifts too.

Once you have created the registry, you can now also select which specific items of your list you would like to have in there.

You may want your whole list to be public, or we also provide the opportunity to just select a subset of the items in your list to be in your registry. This way, your list can provide a great overview of ALL items you want and need, and your registry, which is also what everyone invited will see, will only contain those items you want to share. 

Any products purchased in your registry will show up as purchased there, as well as in your list view, so you can keep a good overview of all purchases. Any changes you make in your list will be reflected in the registry too.

How accurate are the prices?

We retrieve the prices and stock levels from our vendors daily and synchronize them to show on our site. Any change in price at the vendor's site will be reflected on our site within a day.

Do you deal with returns?

Yes and No. We of course handle returns on any items that we sell directly. If there are any issues with a product you have received, please review our Return Policy and contact us if you have any questions. 

For products recommended on our site but sold at our trusted vendors, you will have to contact the vendor you purchased the item from directly. 

Can I purchase all items in my list at once? 

No, this is not possible, given that any item may be sold by different vendors. There is a high chance though, that many items in your list are sold by the same vendor, so we suggest looking through the products first to check the vendor, and then make one purchase at each respective vendor to maximise efficiency.

Can I just buy an item without adding it to the list? 

Yes, you can by any product within the "Browse Products" section. Just navigate to the product you want and when you hover over it, or click on it if you are on the mobile, please click the "Add to list" button. Now you have the option to either add the product to your current list, or to "Buy now". When you click on buy now, this will display the different purchase options at our trusted vendors, or add the product to the cart in case it is a product that we sell directly.

How do I create a registry?

We have designed this platform such that you are in control at all times, and stay very flexible while you are shopping for your baby. To do so, we have decided that every registry is actually just a "public" version of your list that you are populating with products. This means in order to create a registry, the first thing you need is a regular list. When creating a list, you can immediately choose to create a registry of this list at the same time, or you can also create the registry out of the list afterwards, by clicking on "Create registry" from within the list, or clicking on the registry icon in "Manage my lists & registries".

Be mindful that in order to add items, you first need to add them to your list, and can then select each individual item to be added to your registry, which is essentially the public version of your list. We have made sure to also show within your list when items have been purchased, so you can keep a clear overview of what is still outstanding, and to avoid any double purchasing.

How to add items to a registry?

We have designed this platform such that you are in control at all times, and stay very flexible while you are shopping for your baby. To do so, we have decided that every registry is actually just a "public" version of your list that you are populating with products. This means, that you can add any items to your list without it being visible to the public, and then have the option to select each product individually if you wanted it to be in your registry too. This means, in order to add an item to your registry, please add it to the corresponding list, and from within the list you can then choose to "Add to registry", provided you have already created a registry for this list. 

How to switch between lists?

While you can have up to 4 active list, there is always 1 currently selected list that you are amending, i.e. adding products too. When you are browsing products, on the desktop, you can see a list of your active lists, with the currently selected one being highlighted. Just click onto the respective other list that you would like to be working on. On the mobile, please find a button at the bottom left which says "List: xxx". Click on that button to see all active lists and select the one you would like to be your currently selected one.

I can not create a list anymore, what to do? 

This may mean that you already have 4 active lists. We limit the amount of active lists to 4 in order to help stay organised. However, you can have as many lists as you like and archive the ones you are currently not using. To do so, please navigate to "Manage my lists & registries". There you can find your current as well as archived lists. Please choose any of your current lists to be archived so that you can create a new list. 

If a product is not on your site, does it mean Anita does not recommend it?

No, not necessarily. There is such a vast amount of products available that it is simply impossible to include everything. We are constantly working on updating and adding products and Anita is always open to even getting to know new products on the market. Contact us if you would like a product featured on our site!

There are some products I like that are not on the site, will they be added?

We continuously work on our product selection and aim to have as many products on there as possible that Anita would recommend. Given there are many products out there and constantly changing, there may still be products not on our site even though Anita would recommend them.

Let us know if you think anything is missing and we will look into them and may look into including them!

When I click on the "buy" button, it does not do anything. Why? 

It may be that you have pop-ups disabled, or your browser has some more strict security settings. We use external links in order to provide a seamless shopping experience and to send you directly to the product page at one of our trusted vendors. For this, it is important that pop-ups are enabled. You might be prompted directly, or can do so in your browser settings. 

Premium Services/Private Consultations

What will we do in the one-to-one consultation?

You will cover everything you need for your baby, depending on your lifestyle. Anita will ask questions to get to know you and your circumstances and based on that, she can make recommendations on which products specifically may fit for you. You will go through everything you might need, from pushchairs, car seat and furniture, to bathing, feeding and also any other types of services that might be helpful for you. 

I don't live in London, will I be able to book a one-to-one in person consultation?

Anita is happy to travel to see you at a location that suits you. There may be travel expenses which you will have to cover if you live outside of London. For consultations outside of London, please contact us directly so you can arrange a date and time that fits everyone, and organise all things around the travel.

I would like to book a one-to-one consultation with Anita, how? 

Please go to our Premium Sevices page and select which consultation you would like to book. Depending on whether you choose online or in person, you can pay immediately, or Anita will contact you to arrange the consultation directly, if it is in-person. 

Baby Registry

How to change my registry details?

Please navigate to the registry you would like to change the details for. You can either go to "Manage my lists & registries" and click directly onto the registry icon of the respective list, or when you are already in your list, navigate to the "View Registry" button to view the registry version of your list. At the very top next to the registry title, click on the "Edit" button in order to change any details such as the title itself, the registry message and image or even the address. 

Can I change details on my registry once I have shared the link?

Yes, you can change your registry details and remove or add products, but please be mindful of the fact that if you have already shared your link, some of your friends and family may have seen the old information. If a product has already been purchased, you are not able to remove it from the registry anymore. 

Can I create my own password for the registry? 

No, for security reasons we generate unique, long passwords so that we can be sure your account is safe, and no details about your registry are public. 

When you are invited to a registry

I have been sent an invitation link to a registry, how do I find it? 

Please navigate to the "Find a registry" page, which lets you enter the passcode you will have been sent alongside the invitation. Just enter the passcode and you will have access to the registry. If you do not have an account yet, you will be prompted to create one at first. Once you have created the account, you will get to the page to enter your registry passcode.

Do I need to setup an account in order to buy off a registry? 

Yes, so that we can email you with updates on items that are on hold for you. 

I have clicked to buy an item and it sent me to another store, what now?

Please go ahead and buy the item. You can find the address to send the item to at the top of the registry. Please use this address as the delivery address so your gift arrives at the desired address.

I have purchased a gift off the registry at a vendors site, what now? 

It is important that you come back to the registry and click on "Mark as purchased" on the correct registry item. This will also allow you to select the quantity you have purchased (should the registry owner have selected more than 1) as well as ask you to enter your name, leave a personal gift message, select your relationship to the registry owner. The registry owner will then automatically be notified about your lovely gift alongside the gift message. 

I have marked an item as purchased on accident, what do I do? 

Please contact the registry owner directly to let them know that the item was not actually purchased. You are not able to revert this action yourself. 

I entered the wrong delivery address by mistake, what do I do? 

We suggest just letting the registry owner know so they know not to expect the item, and ideally you can reroute the gift or can contact the retailer directly. 

When I want to come back another time to buy the gift, can I do that? 

Yes, since you created an account, you can always just log back in at and in your account, you can go to "Invited to registries". This will show a list of all the registries you have entered the correct passcode for and you also won't have to enter it again. As long as the registry is still active, you will be able to access it. 

I have marked an item on a registry as purchased and it disappeared from the list, is that normal?

Yes, the item has actually moved into the "Purchased gifts" list which you can find at the very bottom of the registry. 


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