Book an appointment with the Baby Expert

An exclusive 2-3 hours with The Baby Expert is a hugely enjoyable and stress-free way to shop for your baby. During your online or in-person consultation, Anita will guide you through everything you will need and can set up a gift registry and access to baby services such as nannies and photographers for you at the same time. Limited availability and appointments will be booked on a first come first served basis.

What our clients say about us

"Anita is a nursery and all things baby-related genius"


"Anita's advice turned what would otherwise have been an overwhelming and bewildering exercise into a delightful, fun, educated, calm and efficient experience! "


"If I were to make a baby essential list for a new parent, I would just add Anita's name as the only item because that would be enough!" 


"You have this London baby thing on lockdown. Everyone keeps directing me to you."


"Thank you for all your incredible advice, Anita! I am so excited now!!"


"Anita was just so lovely and authentic. So useful and informative without feeling overwhelmed."


"You made the whole adventure into a wonderful experience rather than the colourful chaos it might have been without you!"


"Anita, your help and advice were invaluable. I have been recommending you to all my pregnant friends and will continue to do so!" 


"You really don’t know how adored you are, Anita, and such a special part of so many parents' journeys! Such a thrill to be sharing ours with you."

Joe and Grace

"I didn’t know where to start so was really relieved that Anita literally helped us with everything we needed for the baby and for me."