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Months 16-18: The Pioneer Play Kit [AWIN] [Lovevery]

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This product is no longer available for purchase on Anita's List. You can of course keep it in your lists and mark it as purchased if you found and purchased it elsewhere so you can still keep track
The Pioneer Play Kit by Lovevery comes with engaging montessori toys your toddler can learn with throughout months 16, 17, and 18 of their development. The Pioneer Play Kit comes with 12 montessori toys in total. All Lovevery products are made with 100% organic cotton, baby-safe plastics, and sustainably forested wood. The colorful Organic Cotton Big Kid to help build motor skills. The Max and Nana Go To the Park book to develop emotional intelligence. The Race and Chase Ramp to provide fun with motion, gravity, and changing direction. The Fuzzy Bug Shrub supports finger strength and dexterity development. Lovevery’s It’s Me Mirror, Playthings To Go Box, and Mouse in an Organic Cotton Sleep Sack can help provide a healthy distraction during diaper time. The Things I Can Do Book to assist your toddler in imitating the expressions outlined in this montessori book. Lovevery’s Simon Says Cube and Cards supports body part naming and identifying. The Friends of All Shapes Puzzle to help exercise your toddler’s ability match by shape. The Threadable Bead Kit and Drawstring Bag will help improve your toddler’s ability to work with two hands at once. Lastly, every montessori play kit made by Lovevery comes with a comprehensive guide outlining recommended activities for you and your toddler with the montessori toys and other household items. Lovevery Pioneer Play Kit - Ages 16-18 Months - Baby Toy Subscription For 1 Year Old Baby - The Play Kits By Lovevery