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Months 7-8: The Inspector Play Kit [AWIN] [Lovevery]

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The Inspector Play Kit was specifically designed for months 7-8 in your baby’s development. Help your child "tune in" to the world with exposure to detailed sensory experiences. This Play Kit makes the most of your baby's natural curiosity about how things work with opportunities to explore texture, practice nesting and stacking, and learn about object permanence. Lovevery Play Kits deliver playtime with purpose, straight to your door, at stage-based intervals. Each Play Kit is packed full of expert-designed Playthings so your child’s brain has exactly what it needs to develop in a healthy way. The Play Kits are Montessori-inspired, easy on the environment, and designed to connect your baby to the real world. All of the play essentials in The Inspector Play Kit by Lovevery are exclusive to Lovevery. You won’t find these one-of-a-kind products anywhere else. The Ball Drop Box is a cause-and-effect baby’s toy that helps build gross motor skills and object permanence. Your child will explore that something (a ball for example) can be there even when you can’t see it. The Ball Drop Box is made with sustainably-harvested wood. The ‘My First Signs’ Board Book is a baby book that introduces sign language to help you and your child begin to communicate. Research shows that babies who learn basic sign language develop pathways for communication sooner than they would otherwise. Learning signs may also help your child feel less frustrated, since they’ll be able to express things before they can say them. Montessori learning encourages the use of photographs to connect children to real world experiences, so The ‘My First Signs’ Board Book includes photos of real, diverse faces. Lovevery Board Books feature one-of-a-kind stories that are exclusive to Lovevery. The Board Book is printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink. The ‘Things I See’ Texture Cards are cards for your baby of familiar household items, animals, and real-world objects to help your child take their first steps in thinking abstractly and using their imagination. Some of these items may even become your baby’s first words. Repeated exposure will help your child develop memory while learning the name of things and beginning to understand function. The Texture Cards feature different textures to engage your baby’s sensory exploration. The Cards are printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink. The Nesting Stacking Dripdrop Cups are a series of stacking cups for your baby to learn about parts of a whole. Your baby will practice nesting, which will help them understand shapes, sizes, and what fits inside what. Your baby will experience logic and balance when they are arranged in a stack, and your baby will love knocking them over. Bring the Nesting Stacking Dripdrop Cups into the bath so your baby can practice pouring and containing. They’ll love the chance to pour, drain, band, submerge, and gather them. The Nesting Stacking Dripdrop cups feature holes on the bottom for more sensory exploration and are made with durable, baby-safe plastic. The First Puzzle is a first puzzle for your baby that will help them develop fine motor and problem-solving skills. The one-piece puzzle reveals a baby’s face that may feel familiar to them. Your baby will need to develop a strong grasp to remove the puzzle piece and reveal the photo, which is a crucial step in their fine motor development and coordination. Your babies eyes and hands will have to work together to complete the puzzle, and they’ll also work on shape recognition. The First Puzzle is made with sustainably-sourced wood. The Felt Ball Set and The Wooden Ball Set are a first ball set for your baby. Balls are perfect baby toys because they move easily when touched and teach babies that round things roll. They’re also easy to catch, hold, throw, and gather. Use the Ball Sets in The Ball Drop Box and The Treasure Basket for more exploratory lessons. The Felt Ball Set is made from handcrafted felt from sustainable, fair-trade wool sources in Nepal. The Wooden Ball Set is made from sustainably-harvested wood. The Treasure Basket is a classic Montessori toy for your baby that encourages your baby to explore and make new discoveries independently. By placing everyday objects into the basket—or the felt and wooden balls—your baby will love collecting, touching, handling, and mouthing new and different things. The Treasure basket is made with organic cotton and natural materials. The Drinking Cup is a first cup for your baby that helps promote speech development. Speech pathologists prefer babies use open cups when possible, as they help babies build the muscles in the mouth that are used to form sounds (and also lessen drooling). The Drinking Cup is made from durable and safe stainless steel. The Play Guide for months 7-8 is a user’s guide for families that provides expert tips, child development research, ways to play, and additional at-home activities to promote healthy