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Weeks 0-12: The Looker Play Kit [AWIN] [Lovevery]

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The Looker Play Kit was specifically designed for weeks 0-12 in your baby’s development. Welcome your newborn with tools to help them process the world around them. This Play Kit helps your newborn become aware of their new world. Your child is sensitive to light and sound, and this Play Kit helps them process their surroundings and build brand new brain connections with high-contrast and black-and-white Playthings. All of the play essentials in The Looker Play Kit by Lovevery are exclusive to Lovevery. You won’t find these one-of-a-kind products anywhere else. The Mobile is a high-contract, sustainably-crafted baby mobile to engage your baby visually. High-contract mobiles, hung about 8 to 12 inches from their eyes, are ideal for your baby’s visual exploration. Your baby focuses intently during their first few weeks of life, because eyes are their primary way they experience the world. The reversible mobile features a black pattern on one side for early visual stimulation, and a colorful pattern on the other side for additional sensory experience. The Simple Black & White Card Set is a set of four high-contrast images to promote rich neural networks. Decades of research show that time spent looking at high contrast images is important for a baby’s cognitive development. The Simple Black & White Card Set provides visual stimulation for your infant, and the connections between their eyes and brain strengthen. You can also use the Simple Black and White Card Set to encourage side lying to prevent flat spots and for tummy time on your lap. The Card Set is printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink. The Complex Black & White Card set is a second set of four high-contrast images to promote rich neural networks. The Travel Card Holder enables you to bring the high-contrast images with you while you’re on the go. The Holder helps make car travel less stressful—for you and your baby. The Travel Card holder gives your baby a chance to explore visually while you’re on the go and helps them relax while you’re driving. The Holder easily attaches to the seat for convenient installation. The Standing Card Holder holds the Simple Black & White Card Set high-contrast images so your newborn can build strength through tummy time. The rainbow-print case includes sleeves specifically designed to hold the Card Set. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends supervised tummy time starting in your baby’s first week. The Standing Card Holder and Card Sets will help your baby build muscles and coordination needed for rolling over, crawling, walking, reaching, and playing. The Wooden Book is a perfect first book for your baby with high-contrast images for visual stimulation. The four-page, front and back book features whimsical black-and-white drawings of animal friends. Reading to your baby, or speaking out loud to them, helps your baby understand rhythm and sounds in language. Reading to your baby also promotes ‘shared focus’—join experiences between you and your child that form the basis of strong relationships and learning. The Wooden Book is made with sustainably-sourced wood. The Silicone Rattle with Removable Ball is a baby rattle that will help your newborn track sights and sounds. Watching—and hearing—a moving object helps fine-tune visual tracking. Visual tracking is a skill that helps build eye muscle strength, while forming a foundation for reading, writing, and hand-eye coordination. The Silicone Rattle with Removable Ball also helps your baby develop hand control by encouraging your baby to grasp things. The black-and-white pattern engages your baby’s vision. The Silicone Rattle and Removable Ball is made with baby-safe silicone. The Black & White Mittens are sensory mittens for your newborn to help them discover their hands. High-contrast black and white patterns draw your baby to look at, and move their hands. Research has shown that if you put black and white mittens on your baby’s hands, they may begin to notice their hands earlier than he would otherwise. Hand discovery is an important step on the path to hand control and body awareness. The mittens also prevent your baby from scratching themselves. The Black & White Mittens are made with 100% organic cotton. The Play Guide for weeks 0-12 is a user’s guide for families that provides expert tips, child development research, ways to play, and additional at-home activities to promote healthy brain development. The Play Guide in The Looker Play Kit also includes tips on creating peaceful sleep, exposing your baby to language, and bonding and feel-good hormones. Lovevery’s goal is to help parents feel confident they’re giving their children the best start. Lovevery’s award-winning play essentials are designed by child development experts and distilled to their purest purpose: to give your child's developing brain exactly what it needs at every stage. Lovevery products are inspired by Montessori learning, thoughtfully