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Lansinoh Washable Nursing Pads

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This product is no longer available for purchase on Anita's List. You can of course keep it in your lists and mark it as purchased if you found and purchased it elsewhere so you can still keep track

Our Lansinoh Washable Nursing Pads use innovative three-layer protection technology to protect against leaks and provide ultimate comfort – even on the most sensitive skin. Encased within a waterproof layer for confidence against leakage, a unique absorbent blend of bamboo fibres provides fast absorption and drying, while the soft frontage provides superior comfort against your breasts which may be tender while feeding. With a teardrop contoured design for optimum positioning on the breast and nipple, our reusable breast pads provide a great sustainable option without compromising on protection and comfort.


  • Innovative 3-layer technology to protect against leaks
  • Teardrop contoured design provides ultimate comfort and fit against breast and nipple
  • Sustainable nursing pads, washable and reusable
  • Available in packs of 4 or 8, in white or pink and black
  • Hospital bag essential